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Welcome to Synthecon

Surgical sutures have played and will continue to play a critical role in the modern hospital theatre. While the principle behind sutures has not changed much since ancient physicians used the pincers of red ants to assist in the closure of wounds, the nature of the device has evolved tremendously. As technology has advanced, so has the development of sutures. Synthecon utilises the most advanced synthetic materials that increase the strength of the suture but also absorb more consistently. In addition, the high tech steel alloys used for our products allow for thinner but sharper needles that maintain their sharpness throughout any wound closure medical procedure.

Synthecon is a South African manufacturer that was established in 2006 in order to create sutures that were both world class in quality but also affordable in price. Right from the early days, there were two concepts that consumed our thoughts and drove us forward. Firstly, to never compromise on quality and secondly to never forget the plight of the patient. This is evident in our mission and vision statement.

Quality Focus

Quality is not a choice for us, our organisations processes are rooted in quality. Synthecon Sutures is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified company. The integrated use of these two international quality management system standards ensures that all areas of our operations are driven by a desire to ensure the highest quality.

Our commitment to quality as defined in our quality management policy goes on to ensure that all our suppliers, customers and any other stakeholder with an influence on the organisation is aware of the quality values that we live by as an organisation. Our CEO, the head of our organisation, takes the lead with regards to ensuring that our focus on producing quality products and services is understood and implemented throughout the organisation.

Synthecon Sutures is aware that only continual improvement of our processes will guarantee the improvement in the quality of our products therefore please do not hesitate to share your feedback with us if you feel that there is more that we can do together to improve on the quality of our products and services.

Product Overview 

Synthecon Sutures is a South African based leading manufacturer of quality surgical sutures. To create products of a high standard, our company has for over a decade invested in building strong relationships with only the best suppliers of our materials.

Our multi-skilled team of experts combines our collective skills and experience to build onto our understanding of customer requirements.  Synthecon sutures can provide you with off the shelf and customer specific products that do not only meet the expectations of you our customers but guarantee the safety and wellbeing of patients. 


The Suture Thread

The thread used in the manufacturing of our sutures includes:  Chromic Catgut, Nylon, Plain Catgut, Mocryl, Polydioxanone (PDO), Polyester, Syncryl (PGLA), Polypropylene (Synlene), Silk, Rapide and Synthabs(PGA).

Our suture diameter ranges from USP Size 5 to 10/0. We are one of the few companies that manufacture surgical sutures up to diameter size 10/0.

The Suture Needle

At Synthecon we use only the best steel to manufacture our sutures.

This ensures that we use only the strongest needles that will not deform or break during a medical procedure.

Our needles include Taper Point, Reverse Cutting, Blunt Point, Spatula, Inside Cutting, Taper Cut, Diamond Point and Trocar.

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