The first Awards Ceremony: Why in 2016?

2016 marked the 10 year anniversary since Synthecon Sutures opened its factory doors to make “quality and affordable” sutures that can be used by doctors of all spectrums. It also marked 10 years for some employees with the company, which was a big milestone for the company as this is a sign that we have retained the best skills for the job!

Many would agree that it should have been held many years ago but as the good old saying goes “better late than never”, and the prolongation was worth it.
The room was filled with high spirits as 15 December was also the day of the year end party. Over 70 staff members were present to witness the handing out of awards.

CEO Dr. Karungu said:

…today we are celebrating enthusiasm, commitment, and sheer hard work. I am delighted to present these first awards to our most deserving staff as Synthecon, individuals who understood the vision and communicated it through their work. Those who worked tentatively and ensured that only quality products reach the end user... Finally, I would like you to take as your motto the words of Pearl S. Buick who said, All things are possible until they are proved impossible and even the impossible may only be so as of now.

These individuals gave enlightenment, inspiration and were exemplary to many others who, through the years, have joined the company and made it what it is today. Production Manager Ansie Ralph is one of those.   

List of awards.

  • Long Service Award
  • Productivity and Quality Award
  • Service Excellence Award
  • People’s Choice Award

Each category was awarded to different individuals. In total, 14 staff members were recipients of each category.

The most exciting award had to be the People’s Choice Award –  the recipient was voted for by fellow employees on the basis of work ethic, social relationships, and personality. After voting was conducted by all employees present at work on the afternoon of 12 December 2016, the votes were tallied and the name of the winner was concealed in an envelope which was only opened on 15 December 2016 at the Christmas Awards.


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